Only a few Kenbak-1 were produced and even less survived. Over the time more and more Kenbak-1 Replicas were build. Almost exact replica, replica using the same case but modern Arduino computer inside and replicas using modern computers in a small case. In addition some emulators exist.

List of some known Kenbak-1

Kenbak-1 Series 2

The first ever made replica was made in 2007 with permission of John Blankenbaker by Grant Stockly from Alaska, USA. It was a very accurate and good work. It is a full size case, a replica of the original PCB (mainboard) using old computer components. For the power supply Grant used a modern version. It was a kit and the buyer had to built the Kenbak-1. I had a brief contact. He is not offering the replica anymore. The website is still online KenbakKit.

µKENBAK and full size replica

A replica in small case with modern computer inside is offered by Adwater & Stir. µKENBAK-1 KIT.
Same guy made a full size replica with modern Arduino computer inside. The case and front panel is very accurate. Full size Kenbak-1 kit.

Kenbak Mini

Another replica in small case with modern computer inside you find here: Kenbak Mini.